Skipping the Nursery Your Baby Will Never Miss – Guest Post!

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Trying to save some money when planning for baby… have you thought about skipping the baby nursery?  This is a budget buster in the midst of an already expensive and stressful period of life; pregnancy.  I skipped the nursery altogether with my baby.

I’m not sure if you really would call this a guest post…

It’s actually my first freelance article! is the rebranding of  It’s geared to moms, with content written by moms.

“Time to find your financial confidence and ditch the stress. Because if you can’t, how will you raise kids who can?”

I am so grateful to Chelsea Brennan for giving me the opportunity to flex my writing muscle here, and start my writing career!

Skip the nursery-save some bucks

Check out the post to see how and why I opted for skipping the nursery.

I haven’t suffered, my kid hasn’t suffered, and my family and bank account is better off for it.

Here’s the link to the post!

Skipping the Nursery Your Baby Will Never Miss

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