Intentions and Updates #1

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Sunday Intentions and Updates.

Is it really time for a tenth post update?

I guess so!

I’m going to work on setting some intentions with this post.  I’ve found that’s one good thing about blogging.  I put it down on “paper” and I feel the need to follow through a little more.  Or maybe it’s the act of writing and getting that thought from my head to my fingertips that cements in it a little better.

1.  Get to 100 posts

Now that I’ve stuck with it and got myself up to ten posts, let’s make sure I make it to 100. Really, it can’t be that hard. Especially since I haven’t committed to a topic structure.

I’m still hoping people, voyeurs that we all are, enjoy reading what I’m thinking and what I’m doing as well as my “how I’M doing it” posts vs. general “how to” posts. Hopefully by then I will have gained some readers and readership alone will be enough of a drive to keep me at it. Because, obviously it’s more fun to keep writing when you know someone is reading.

2.  Gain some actual subscribers

Now this is a funny one… WordPress actually played a nasty little trick on me here. After having a few posts up, I installed the widget that lets readers subscribe to the blog via email. And suddenly, I had 96 subscribers. I thought to myself, “self, this is odd, because you’ve only had a couple of comments… who are these mystery subscribers?” And I watched and that subscriber number never went up. And then a few days ago it was just gone.

Since I’m operating almost primarily off my phone (because of mom duty, and I’ll try to address this is another post) I couldn’t get into the regular version to take a look at it until today. Well I finally did and, guess what, ZERO subscribers. It’s what I kind of suspected, I thought it must be some sort of glitch. Maybe it’s a new user pat on the back feature. And what’s funny is, even though it was clearly incorrect, it was really just a little bit motivating. This gives me something to research when I’ve got a little more time as I’m sure there is a term for this; where information that you suspect is likely faulty is still motivating, until you actually know it’s wrong. That little “what if” of hope. So, yeah, get some actual subscribers, I hope.

Aside… stream of thought…

By the way, I hope I don’t come across as complain-y or super stressed in my previous post about never enough time. It’s a lovely Sunday afternoon here at our house. My day consisted of lounging on the deck while my toddler played with cars we both enjoyed some semi warm weather. We took a walk around the property. I napped with my little for almost 3 hours! Now we’ve migrated to the front porch, which thanks to some major renovations from my husband over the summer is now nearly enclosed on all sides with a plastic greenhouse type material and really warm. I’m enjoying a glass of wine while my little creeps closer and closer to trying to venture off my motherly-defined restrictions of the last step of the porch. Little guy is actually the one who demanded that we move to the porch, and he’s leaving me alone enough to type, though he is rocking my glider quite a bit, so, focus is still limited. I’ll take it where I can get it!

My point here is, I really DO have a lot of free time, and time to enjoy my family. Really that’s what it’s all about, so I just want to make sure I point it out. I do have a lot of free time. I’m just at that wierd toddler age where they require your attention so much of the time that there really isn’t time for much else than being present with them. And that’s ok. It surely won’t be this way forever. And, it’s a really good excuse to take more naps.

Back to intentions:

3. Read more blogs (and comment)

I’m gonna blame this on my phone vs. laptop issue.  On the phone, it’s easy to go on Twitter, and it’s easy to browse some articles and blogs, but it’s harder to keep up with the communication end dealing just from my phone. Might not be the case for everyone but it is for me.

4. Finally move  that lagging IRA

Here’s a big one; MOVE OVER THE DAMN IRA from Bank of America that has earned me like $22 interest in SEVEN YEARS. More on this maybe in another post. I’ve become so accustomed to the ease of sites that are optimized for technology that when confronted with the “work” of following up with a few sets of paperwork, I keep putting it off. I also had a really bad experience with an HSA account being held hostage not too long ago and it probably has something to do with why I keep putting it off. But no more excuses. I need to deal with the damn thing and start making it work for me.

5.  Be more intentional with my use of technology

This relates to the above two topics; I’m going to give myself a pass here and say “implement as life allows” but I need to be more intentional with my technology use… especially phone over laptop. I’m in a “quantity over quality” phase with tech. I blame it on my limited attentional time due to constant toddler interruptions. More blog post elaboration potential here.

And on that note, dinner calls…

I think that’s good for now. Money, family, mindfulness. Focus on the things that matter. And, keep telling you about it.



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